Amman groups, 35 years of booming business masters

Business is an art. It can be skewed, stretched, cropped, animated, and dropped but at the cost of collaborative human values and lives. The etiquette of business is not a game of mere creative art but presenting it after meddling with all the pros and cons of art and its perspective. Business can get acclaimed only with strong vision and execution with continuous efforts to keep up the flagship.

Amman groups, 35 years of booming business masters in the industry of spinning, knitting, apparels, coir, coco, coconut products, and auto finance. The family business widespread across the vertical cross verticals of textile and coir products yields potentials of business across the globe. Amman groups are primary exporters of textile and coir products to European, American, and part of Arabian countries. Strive at every walk of business to strengthen the foundation.

Family businesses seem to be a cake walk. Materialistic world evaluates it as in balance sheet. Converting the traditional businesses to technology proven is a bit challenging and worth taking effort for the third generation. The First generation creates and implies the skills to scale up the businesses. The Second generation adds on their efforts to succeed it to the consistency. The Third generation collaborates the skills and technology with the same consistency to scale up the business to international standards.

Amman group with their holistic business environment focuses on the go green initiative as buoyancy towards nature. Power consumption for the factories is yield through windmill generation. The Cotton from the farms are manufactured into yarn to garments; Coconut and its by-products are manufactured into coir products. Financial services for agriculture equipment and vehicles help around the farmers of southern zone. Nevertheless, of the potentials, business skills do mean for service to nature and human lives.


A life at Earth has to be nature and environment-friendly.


Explore to the core and innovate the nature-friendly products for livelihood.